16 October 2012

Metroid coaster and thanks

I haven't been doing much crafty since the Hero Chao, but here's a little something I did today. My boyfriend wanted a coaster, so I made him a Metroid  one! This is only the third time I've used Hama beads (these are the same as Perler beads, I think, just a different company) and I haven't quite got the ironing part right, you can see I melted some beads a bit too much along the left side.

I realised while ironing this that I get the iron out more often for craft things than for ironing clothes, and promptly ironed the massive pile of laundry that was lying around...

I would also like to thank you guys, because today I hit 10,000 page views! I'm pleased with that, so thanks!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the page hit milestone, Emma!! :D

    The coaster looks cute. :)