23 April 2014

Madeira raffle prize

Last week my raffle prize from Madeira which I won at the NEC finally came! The week before I received a box from Madeira, only to find out it was filled with leaflets!

It's a pretty wooden box filled with machine embroidery threads.

I love the variegated colours! I'm excited to try these out.

21 April 2014

Embroidery hoop stand

Previously I mentioned I visited the Embroiderers' Guild and saw Mr X-Stitch. At the guild meeting they also had a sale table. At the table there were all sorts of things that people didn't want any more, and amongst them was this hoop stand. You only paid as much as you wanted to/thought the item was worth and when I saw the hoop stand I didn't think I'd be able to afford it as I don't think they are particularly cheap. One of the ladies at the guild said they didn't expect anyone to pay over £5 for anything, but I thought that that would be very cheap for this and gladly put in £10 to take this home with me!

19 April 2014

Mr. X-Stitch at the Embroiderer's Guild

Recently my mum and I have been going to the Birmingham Embroiderer's Guild meetings. They have a social every first Saturday of the month and a meeting every second Monday. Last Monday Jamie Chalmers AKA Mr X-Stitch as the special guest speaker. He did a talk called The Cutting and Stitching Edge about contemporary embroidery as art. 

Afterwards we had an opportunity to buy his book Push Stitchery and have a chat. I let him know I'd had some of my things featured in the Sprite Stitch Best Bits column on his website and he signed the book for me! He was very nice and funny and if I get a chance I'd certainly like to hear him speak again!

17 April 2014

Purple Pixelhobby

Last November I also went to the Hobbycrafts expo at the NEC (and never blogged about it, I'm sorry). While there I found somebody selling Pixelhobby under the name of MosaiCraft. I found two kits I liked and recently finished the first. I'll show you the other when I get round to starting it!

15 April 2014

Patchwok teddy

This is my first go at making a teddy! The pattern came from an issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting. I'm quite pleased with the result. He's a bit understuffed and I managed to applique the heart on his foot upside down right at the beginning (didn't notice until I was attaching his legs!), but overall not too bad.