25 July 2014

Bolt End Club July 2014

Here's my goodies from this month's Bolt End Club!

Love the three on the right (especially the tiny purple flowers) but I'm not so sure about the two on the left.

According to the selvage we have from left to right:

Daisies and Dots by Robert Kaufman
Vintage Rose Scatter from The Henley Studio collection by Makower
Ditzy Daisy from The Henley Studio collection by Makower
Katherine by Nancy Gere from Windham Fabrics (this one feels absolutely lovely, by the way!).

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23 July 2014

Scrappy blocks 1

A little while ago I read some advice for getting rid of little scraps of fabric. Unfortunately I don't remember where I read it, but the writer said that she cut all pieces of fabric that were smaller than a fat quarter in to two, three or four inch squares and strips, and put them to the side until she'd collected enough to make a quilt out of.

I thought that was a very good idea, but I couldn't figure out how to economically decide how to cut each piece of fabric. I decided in the end that I would just start cutting all my scrap fabrics into 2"x5" rectangles to make Roman square blocks with, and any other left over pieces of a reasonable size could be used to make scrappy blocks.

After all that writing, here we have the first two scrappy blocks.

10 July 2014

Flower Garden

The Birmingham Embroiderers' Guild are having their summer party next Monday, and a competition is being held with the theme 'happy days'. My initial idea was to stitch something related to Happy Days, that didn't quite work out as I couldn't find my heat transfer pen to transfer something onto denim. I then just started machine embroidering flowers onto the denim, and from there grew the above flower garden.

I embroidered the flowers first, and then quilted it with green on the front and pink on the back. I used an old skirt from the backing fabric and the denim came from a favourite, but worn out, pair of jeans. The binding fabric comes from the last Bolt End Club package I received.

8 July 2014

My craft area

My crafting area has been a bombsite since we moved in, but now I'm slowly improving it. Over the weekend I put together a Billy bookshelf from Ikea and started filling it up. There's still more to do, but it's getting there.

Yes, there are still quite a few boxes and a couple of extraneous sewing machines to get rid of, but it looks so much better. It's a pity I didn't take a before photo to compare it to. 

I had fun organising all my threads and books. 

And made some room for my Lego.

Good isn't it? Just... Just don't look over there...

Heh... Like I said, there's still more work to do!

6 July 2014

High Score Tetris champion

I've been having some fun playing Tetris recently. After watching Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters a few weeks ago I was inspired to play Tetris again. Around the same time Michael found HighScore.com, this of course led me to want to break as many Tetris high scores as possible. So far I have broken two for Tetris DX on the Game Boy Color, scoring the most points in Marathon mode and the most the most points in Ultra mode (level 0).

I have a lot of fun playing Tetris when I have a challenge, so I'll be doing a lot more. Twin Galaxies is also back up on line and should start taking submissions again soon, so I may be aiming for high scores on there as well. My highest score on Tetris DX would have put me third on Twin Galaxies.