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Thank you for taking the time to read some more about me, Emma Lenton, a video game handcrafter specialising in cross stitching, embroidery, Pixelhobby and Hama beads. My handcraft work, patterns and written articles have been featured on Nintendo Life, Oddworld Inhabitants, DeviantArt, Mr. X Stitch and more, and I am a regular contributor to video game handcraft website Sprite Stitch.

Click here to see examples of my work.

I have done several commissioned pieces in the past of various sizes. If you are interested in having me make something for you then feel free to contact me via email, Facebook or Twitter . You can also follow me on Tumblr and Pinterest.

Featured Work:

Emma Lenton the Crafter

I first picked up the needle and thread in 2009 during my studies at the University of Leeds, UK, where I was working towards a BSc in Maths. It was at this time that I saw a house mate of mine working on a large cross stitch of a dancer. Seeing it reminded me of stitching printed patterns with my mum when I was a teenager and I then decided to have another go.

I bought an issue of Cross Stitch Crazy as it came with a kit of a little mouse holding a flower. It wasn't long before I had finished it, turned it into a card and sent it off to one of my boyfriend's brothers for his birthday.

 I bought more magazines, charts and more kits, mostly from eBay, and continued to practice as my love for cross stitching grew. Seeing my small projects come together over time was satisfying, and the act of cross stitching was soothing and relaxing, an addictive combination.

Early 2010 saw me venturing onto the internet in search of a pattern I simply couldn't buy. I wanted to make a cross stitch based on The Legend of Zelda as a gift for my boyfriend on Valentine's day. I found my pattern on the forums of video game handcraft website Sprite Stitch, I stitched it up, framed it and gave it to my boyfriend.

I realised that almost everyone enjoys a hand crafted gift as long as it is based on something that appeals to them and as time went on I dropped the patterns of teddy bears and puppies in favour of sprites from Kirby, Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.

In late 2010, for no reason other than to show the progress of my work on the 'Epic Pokémon Pattern', I started my blog EveningEmma. It has since grown into a log of all my crafting, video game related or otherwise, as well as a place where I can share my thoughts about my life and my other hobbies and interests.

Emma Lenton the Gamer

Xbox Live Gamer Tag: EveningEmma
3DS Friend Code: 3823-9672-3506
Wii Friend Code: 6442 9972 5732 3370
Steam User Name: EveningEmma

You could call me a 'Game Boy Girl' as during most of my childhood the only real source of gaming was from the Nintendo Game Boy that my dad had bought for both me and my little brother. Tetris, Super Mario Land, Kirby's Dreamland and, Monster Max did us well for many years with Pokémon Blue solidifying my love for Nintendo's grey brick.


Much later my brother got a GameCube and then an Xbox, which was my first real foray into console gaming. But even though we'd play 007: Agent Under Fire,Crazy Taxi and Halo 2 together now and then, what was now my Game Boy Color never left my side.

The years went on and I got a Game Boy Advance, then a Nintendo DS and then in university I bought what was at the time a brand new Xbox 360. Those consoles and handhelds were fun, but I still didn't think of myself as a gamer. I didn't appreciate how special games can be and I had no idea of their origins or their history.

That all changed when I started going out with my boyfriend. He was passionate about games, and would talk endlessly about his memories of playing on his family's Sega Mega Drive, Sony Playstation and Nintendo Game Cube. It was by his prompting that I played games such as Final Fantasy IX and Spyro the Dragon and began to learn about and appreciate games. My boyfriend also bought me Tetris for the original Game Boy again, and I fell in love with the old handheld all over. It was also at this time that I got into video game handcrafts, as can be read above.

Now I own too many consoles to list, and have an ever growing collection of Game Boys and games. Mine and my boyfriend's collection has in fact been featured on Retro Games Collector if you're interested in taking a look. I also hold a couple of gaming titles across the internet which are as follows:

  • Official Puyo Puyo (Arcade) World Record Holder
  • No. 2 Tetris The Grand Master World Record Holder
  • Second place on Racket Boy's Tetris DX leader board

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