29 September 2013

Moseley Arts Market

Last Saturday we went down to Moseley, a nearby borough in Birmingham, where they were holding a arts market. There were lots of handicrafters to be seen with lots of interesting wares, but my eye fell upon two in particular. The first was a lady who made al sorts of cushions and doorstops in the shapes of different animals, she unfortunately does not have a blog or website. From her I got this cute owl doorstop (who sits on a shelf!). He was named Jasper by the lady who made him.

The second was a lady trading as 'Re-Loved' (who also does not appear to have a website!). She was selling different vintage and 'upcycled' bits and pieces and makes handbags out of scraps of leather and different fabrics. From her I got this medieval themed bucket handbag. The lady running the stall said that this will be the only handbag like this she makes (although she uses the same bucket pattern) as she is never going to try and cut out a fleur-de-lis in leather again.

Alongside the arts market there was also a farmers market where we got some delicious, fresh, lamb simosas and a cute little cactus called Prickly Pedro.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time :) I love wandering around crafts markets too, you never know what you'll find! Both your purchases are great, Jasper is adorable and your new purse is very pretty as well ;)

  2. Craft markets are great. I don't often buy anything, but they're great places for inspiration.
    Best wishes.