29 August 2011

Klimt & Dragon

A small update on Klimt, I think I've done perhaps 100 stitches since I last posted.

I think that the shutter speed it to slow on my camera, because everything comes out all washed out, so I've had to do some fiddling with the colours in GIMP. Hopefully I'll remember how to change the settings on this camera soon, it has been ages since I've used it properly.

I've not been stitching very much the last few days (a touch of depression creeping in), but I still haven't really put Mystical Dragon down. Now his face is finished and his wings are about half way done. I think the border is going to be the most tedious part.

Today I went in to town and went into a craft shop I had not been in before because I kept forgetting about it. They had some lovely scissors. I've also being eyeing up the beautiful scissors of some of you bloggers, so since they were not too dear I was naughty and got a pair.

I think I would have gotten a pair of each if I had had the money! Now at least I have a pair for each project box, so I don't have to look for my scissors each time I switch projects.


  1. Gorgeous scissors and you're making great progress on both of your WIPs, I love the dragon. Best wishes.

  2. Work in Progress are looking great. Loved the stork scissor.