27 December 2011

Finally there.

It's been a long 18 months since leaving uni, but we are finally "there". Mid-October my boyfriend and myself started jobs at a call-centre, doing technical support for a "consumer imaging company", as they call themself, and today we've moved into our first flat. Well, I say "we", but I've been doing all the moving and my boyfriend should get back from work in a few hours to see the flat for the first time since we viewed it a little over a month ago.

I got here at ten this morning, with my dad, to pick up the keys and move in, only to find the estate agent and the landlord's son scratching their heads about the lock. When the previous tenant left they changed the lock, and he tried to get back in after that, and in doing so managed to destroy the lock, though didn't actually manage to get in. So, after everybody had a go trying to break in to the flat without having to call a locksmith, one was called and my dad and I were sent off to have a cup of coffee while it was sorted. Of course, when we came back the locksmith still hadn't arrived. It didn't take much longer though, and around 11 I was finally in the flat.

Once the landlord's son and the estate agent left, we hit upon another few problems, naturally. The microwave doesn't work, there's no vacuum cleaner bags, the two spare light bulbs were already dead.... The biggest problem, though, was a small infestation of some kind of weevil. I was glad my dad was there, because the first time I came upon one of the insects it scared the shit out of me (pardon my French). He spent some time going behind the appliances and the cupboards and squashing them all. I've only come upon one more since he left and that one went down the drain (fortunately it was already in the sink). So, for the foreseeable future, until I can get some Tupperware containers, rice and pasta and bread are being kept in the fridge, so as to starve the blighters.

I've done my first load of washing, because the towels that were out and the sheets that were on the bed were definitely not clean. Also, the drains in the bathroom smell funny.

I did some food shopping, but I managed to forget things like sugar and salt, and I only have enough stuff for half a meal tomorrow evening, and nothing for breakfast.

But for all the complaining, it is nice.

Right now I'm sitting on my sofa, listening to some music without worrying about bothering anyone, I'm drinking tea out of the mug I was given for Christmas two years ago for when my boyfriend and myself got our first place and I've lit a candle in the candle holder I got at the same time, for the same reason.

This Christmas we got a sandwich toaster, a normal toaster and a clock, I haven't put them out yet, but I will soon.

Once every thing's sorted I'll be taking some photos.

I hope everybody had a lovely Christmas, and if I don't see you before then, have a fantastic New Year.


  1. Glad you managed to move in ok = eventually!! Hope you enjoy living there xx

  2. I'm glad things slowly seem to be sorting themselves out! Of course there have to be issues (like locks and bugs) to help make it all more memorable too :-)

  3. oooo nice welcoming present there for you ... hope things have settled down now and you have chilled with BF in your new flat :) looking forward to the photos :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Phew!!! What an adventure. Glad everything worked out nicely and you guys have your own place. Enjoy the New Year!! :D

  5. A weevil? Sounds horrible! I hate apartment critters!!Glad to hear that you are settling in and candles always make a place cozier :D

    Happy New YEars!!