4 January 2012

Photos of flat.

Well, we've finally sort of settled in. Most of our stuff is now unpacked and we've got nearly everything we need!

As promised, here are some photos of the flat. Please excuse the mess, we haven't figured out quite where everything goes yet!
Living room

Dining corner (aka the laundry room)


Pokey little bathroom and dirty ironing board. 

The flat only consists of three rooms. The dining table is behind the "living room" and the kitchen is perpendicular to it (so we have one big L shaped room), then we have the toilet with shower and the bedroom with washing machine!

The bedroom needs something doing to it, right now it's big and empty and it feels like we're sleeping in a hotel room as there's nothing personal in there at all (a good excuse to get stitching?!).

I hope to have some stitching to show you shoon. I've been working on the Epic Pokémon pattern as I got the rest of the required threads for Christmas and I've nearly completely finished the first page now!


  1. ooo well it is workable with a wee bit of tweeking and a new ironing board cover ..lol things will be more homely for you both :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Nice place, and like you said, plenty of room for pictures on the walls! At least you have your own washing machine, that's nice.

    Looking forward to your update on your Pokemon piece too :-)

  3. It'll feel like home in no time at all. Agree about the walls. Can't wait to see your finishes on there. :D