27 April 2012

How's this for handmade?

When we moved into this flat the bed in it was broken. There was a whole saga, and in the end we got 200 euros from the landlord to go and buy a new bed, which we did. However, without a car, we had no way of removing the old bed, and so, for about four months, it stood, propped up against the far wall of our bedroom.

Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided we needed to get rid of the bed. We also decided we needed another bookshelf. Then we decided we could make a bookshelf from the old bed. Oh boy.

Neither my boyfriend or myself have any experience in this kind of thing, nor did we really have any suitable tools for the job. All we had was a hammer. We went out and bought a bag of nails and some off-brand No More Nails. After a brief talk about how the hell we were going to do this we spent about an hour putting a bookshelf together out of old bed slats. 

A masterpiece of craftsmanship.
Beautiful, isn't it? Those crooked shelves, totally did that on purpose. Yeah.

It hasn't fallen down yet, so I'd call that a success.


  1. Hi Emma

    I love your bookcase, it was a great idea you had!
    Crooked shelves are good!

  2. Those crooked shelves add interest!!! Congrats on making use of the bed!!!


  3. Wow. Masterpiece indeed! That's so awesome!

  4. This is a brilliant thrifty idea! The ultimate way of recycling :)
    Best wishes.

  5. woooo hoooo well done and it all adds the the character ;) and you can proudly say we did that :)
    love mouse xxxxx