15 June 2012

My Singer sewing machine

My boyfriend has been having some camera training for his work, and as part of this he got to take home one of the fancy-pants cameras for the evening. He got to take home a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, with a portrait lens (an EF 85mm L II USM lens, if you know about this sort of stuff (I don't)). The 5D Mark II is a top of the range professional digital SLR camera, so it was a treat to play with it. It's made me want to get a SLR camera, it was very easy to make nice looking pictures, and with a bit of fiddling you can make some really nice effects.

I decided to take some pictures of my sewing machine, as I did say I would show you it some time ago.

My sewing machine is a hand-driven machine, it has serial number Y354 638, which means it can be dated to 1922. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I have some more pictures I took with the camera, but I'll show them off another day.


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  2. I love your machine and your photos are great!

  3. I am so jealous, this machine reminds me of my grandmothers old machine before she got rid of it. I would love one of these and always stalk ebay in the hope I can get one one day!!!


  4. oooo would love a bigger better digital camera .. and love that machine ... I've got a singer and not sure of the date but it is old .... also got a treadle .... need to take photo of that too but light not been good at the mouse house ....
    love mouse xxxxx

  5. Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous machine!

  6. Beautiful sewing machine and lovely photos. That is one expensive camera ^.^