8 June 2012

Oriental Fan pin cushion

I really enjoyed stitching this little fan, it only took me a couple of days. The design is from a little book that came with The World of Cross Stitching, Joan Elliot's Oriental Collection. 

It's stitched on what was supposed to be 28ct Jobelan, but it's actually 32ct.

The pattern called for Anchor Reflecta, but I did not have any, and Anchor threads are pretty hard to come by here, so I used some Madeira metallic thread instead. I have to say, the Madeira metallics are the easiest to use, from what I've worked with.

I backed it with the lovely fabric I got from Bekca.

I've put this up on Etsy, because I can't keep all the little things I keep stitching!

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  1. What a pretty fan and the fabric you used to backed it is perfect for it. Congratulations!


  2. I'm the same way! There is no way I can keep everything that I make, so I have to put them up for sale or give them away.

  3. Very pretty Emma, I love the coordinating fabric too. I have tendencies to give stuff away once I get done too. If not I would be overrun with finishes all over the place. LOL

  4. Oh I'm so pleased you found such a beautiful design to match with the fabric. It looks great!
    Best wishes.

  5. The little pin cushion looks so cute, Emma!

  6. It's gorgeous, well done!

  7. So beautiful Emma!! I love the backing fabric! And thanks again for the lovely package :D!!