1 October 2012

Wipocalypse 10

Yes, I actually worked a little on one of my Wipocalypse pieces! A little more of the dragon's wings got done this month.

In other news, my boyfriend and I went into the newly opened pawn shop down the road and bought a load of Game Boy Advance games (and one Game Boy game!). They were selling them for dirt cheap, so we got a bit over excited.

This was us being restrained! 


  1. The dragon looks fantastic ... and it's always fun to find a great deal. Lucky you!

  2. The dragon is gorgeous... and you got some great games :D

  3. Your dragon is looking fabulous. He just pops off that black fabric.

  4. Your dragon looks awesome!

    o wow, that is some crazy restrainment, haha! I swear, GBA games are the best.