28 November 2012

Kung Pow Pixel: Games that have inspired me

I don't talk about games much, even though they are the subject of a lot of my crafting, so I'm bringing Kung Pow Pixel over here. I would like to take a moment to write about games that have inspired me, games I love making crafts from.

Wario Land 4

This game is a lot of fun. I had played the previous Wario Land games, but unfortunately gave up on them, but this one was just right. Hard enough that I didn't play through it all in one sitting, and not so hard I couldn't do it. And the sprites in this game are beautiful. It's such a bright and vibrant game, I just had to stitch up Wario and I hope to make more using this game's sprites in the future.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

I love the Kirby series, and for my last birthday my boyfriend bought me Kirby's Adventure for the NES, and even though he accidentally bought the German version of the game I still loved playing it. So when I saw the 2002 remake Nightmare in Dreamland on the Game Boy Advance at a games fair I had to get it. The game itself is brilliant and the sprites art even more so. This, and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror are my go-to Kirby games for sprites.

Klonoa: Empire of Dreams

I once tried to play the Klonoa: Door to Phantomile on the PlayStation, but didn't get very far. It wasn't my game, so I never got the chance to play it again. However, after hearing my boyfriend, and one of his brothers, rave about it, I picked up Empire of Dreams for the Game Boy Advance. It's a wonderfully fun game, and only as difficult as you want it to be, as the levels are fairly simple to get through, but it gets hard if you want to collect all the bonus gems. It's not a game I've made anything for yet, but I have been inspired by it, and am sure to make something in the future.

The Pokémon series

Pokémon is probably the most influential game series of all time for me and who doesn't love Pokémon? My go to games for cross stitching are FireRed and LeafGreen, they have the best sprites for Gen 1 Pokémon, however, my favourite Pokémon game would have to be Black. The update to the graphics and gameplay was done really well and the new Pokémon added were more imaginative than the previous two generations. Pokémon is probably my most stitched subject matter and will continue to be for some time.

As you might have noticed, all games I've mentioned here are Game Boy Advance games. The Game Boy Advance is such a wonderful little handheld console, and the games produced for it have been really inspired, and really inspire me.

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  1. Kirby's Adventure for the NES was one of my favorite games! Then I loaned it to a friend and someone stole it from her backpack. :( I hope whoever got it enjoyed it. I eventually found another copy in a thrift store so I can enjoy the happy ending theme whenever I want, lol!