27 March 2013

Kung Pow Pixel: Duck Tales (Woo-oo)

In honour of Capcom announcing the release of a remastering of the NES classic Duck Tales I'm sharing with you a pattern I am putting into my to-stitch pile!

I think the game is going to look great and it will certainly be in my wishlist for the Xbox 360. Are you excited about this game?

As always, click to enlarge, and if you have any problems reading the pattern let me know. I can always send you a PDF via e-mail. Leave a comment, or e-mail me, my e-mail is in the right side-bar!


  1. This totally cracked me up - the theme song started running around in my head after reading the woo-oo in your title, LOL :) I used to love this show! Wouldn't it be neat to dive into a bank vault filled with embroidery threads the same way Scrooge swims in his gold coins?! ;) Cool pattern too, great work!

    1. I had the DuckTales theme stuck in my head for days, I just had to inflict it on someone else as well!

      I wish I had enough stash to do dive into!