9 June 2013

Patchwork tote bag

I'm going to be selling some crafty stuff at a craft fair at one of the libraries here next weekend, and so I've been busy making some stuff!

Here's a little tote bag I made in a flash of inspiration.

I actually cheated a bit with the patchwork and used the sewing machine, rather than stitching it together by hand as I usually do. It worked out quite well, but inevitably destroyed the card that was holding the shape of the hexagons.


  1. Wonderful!! This is a fabulous bag and I like how you "whipped" it up!!

  2. I think it turned out smashing :) The Summer-y colours are lovely! Although it is too bad that your little paper cards got destroyed. In my continuing hexie-curiosity (*which is ALL your fault* LOL), I've been reading a lot of tutorials, and there's one here that does the piecing without card. You trace the template on the fabric with pencil basically. Maybe this might play better with your machine?!

  3. Such a pretty bag! Best of luck at the craft fair, I'm sure you'll be very successful :)
    Best wishes.