8 July 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you to

1. Thank the Person Who Awarded You
Thank you Aurelia! I think your blog is fantastic, and so interesting. It means a lot to me that you like my blog too!

2. List Seven Things About Yourself
  1. I lived in the Netherlands for 12 years before moving back to the UK, and I'm going to go there to live again on 20th June. 
  2. I have had a lot of hobbies in the past, but I usually get bored of them and give up after a few months. Cross stitching is one of the few things that I've kept with, I've been doing it for about three years now. 
  3. I've recently been diagnosed with hypermobility, although not very severe, after having joint pains for many years. It doesn't usually affect me that much, I just have to do some silly looking exercises every day, but sometimes I'm unable to cross stitch because the joints in my thumbs can get very sore. 
  4. I collect Game Boys and Game Boy games. I am currently on the look out for a backlit Game Boy Advance SP (as opposed to the usual frontlit ones), and a Game Boy Light (only released in Japan and is basically a Game Boy Pocket with a backlit screen). 
  5. My favourite game of all time is Final Fantasy IX, and I would love to stitch Vivi one day. 
  6. I found it very hard to start my blog, because I am always scared that someone is going to look at my work and say "you've done it all wrong."
  7. I love making stuff for people, but I find it very hard to motivate myself if I've got a deadline.

3. Pass the Award to 15 Other Stylish Bloggers
This is a toughie. I think all of you are wonderful, otherwise I wouldn't be following your blogs!

In no particular order:
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That was hard... Sorry if I've missed you out, and I think some of you may already have the award, but you all deserve it.

In other news, I won another crossword competition from a cross stitch magazine, and I got another copy of Zweigart's Signs of the Zodiac pattern/idea book.

I was wondering if anybody would like to trade it for anything.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention and your kind words Emma! I really enjoyed reading more about you, although I am sorry to hear about your hypermobility diagnosis, and that it's limiting your stitchy time. No matter how silly the excercises look (LOL), I hope they help soon :)

    Re: #6 - I totally know how you feel; I was always afraid that I wasn't doing it right until a friend said "Who's going tell you that? The Blog Police?!" and I realized that although my blog may not be to some people's taste, it is to mine, and that's okay! Your blog is wonderful and you should be very proud of it ;)

  2. I was just passing by and thought I'd drop a comment.

    I thought you said you weren't doing this chain mail stuff. And furthermore, where theh hell's my award?

    Fucking conspiracy!

  3. Well, I think it's nice that someone should mention my blog, and I thought I'd pass it on. If nothing else, it's a good way for people to find blogs they haven't seen yet.

    I didn't give you one, because I didn't think you'd appreciate it.