15 November 2012

Sprite Stitch September/October swap gifts.

As I mentioned before, I participated in a Sprite Stitch swap. I sent out the headcrab and received these goodies from Caslzelda:

She managed to fit in all my favourite games, Puyo Puyo with the card, Tetris with the necklace, and Pokemon and Bioshock with the cross stitch. The quote is from Bioshock, and the Slowpoke, of course, from Pokemon. She also sent a little purse, tiny clogs,  a beautiful scarf and chocolate.

I was thrilled to receive such wonderful goodies, thank you Caslzelda!


  1. Haha, the cross-stitch is great! The Tetris necklace is brilliant too.

    1. Aren't they? I was so lucky to receive such wonderful gifts.