27 April 2014

Reloved chair

A little while ago I needed an extra chair to have round our dining table, on a whim we popped into a little charity shop just down the road from us. They had this chair and were selling it for £2. I couldn't say no to that! The style of the chair was very cute, but I thought it needed some updating. We took a trip down to Wilkinsons and I bought some sandpaper, paintbrushes and two tester pots of Dulux 'Purple Pout' (everybody knows how much I like purple, right?). I used some fabric left over from the Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition and a couple of hours later we have this:

Much better, don't you think? I'm looking forward to using it, as it's now my chair to use at my desk where I do all my sewing.

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