23 July 2011

Living in the Netherlands.

That's sung to the tune of 'Living in America' and it's completely my boyfriend's fault that I keep getting that tune stuck in my head.

Well, so, I got here on Wednesday. It wasn't a very eventful trip, the trains were on time, the plane was on time. All I took with me was a suitcase and a backpack, pretty much stuffed full. As I didn't take very much with me, I also didn't take much of my stitching stuff with me. In fact, this is all I took:

And finally, I finished Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.

I shan't lie, I didn't much enjoy stitching these two, but I am really pleased with the outcome. They just need a wash and iron, and then they can go off to be made into a quilt.

And updates on the other kits pictured above:

Tree of Life

Epic Pokémon pattern
Birds Sampler

In the two whole days that I've been here I already started doing some job seeking. The amount of jobs that I've found and applied for in those two days has easily been the amount that I usually applied for in two weeks in the UK. I am very hopeful at the moment that it shouldn't take me too long to find a job (though give it a month or so and I may be singing a different tune).

As soon as I do find a job, I'm going to be getting what I need to make a start on It's Berry Time which I'm really looking forward to stitching. I also found a couple of textiles courses in the area and I think I'll join them too.


  1. good luck with the job hunting :) and well done on your finishes and wips too :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Wish you luck with job hunting too! And all those looks so awesome, love the colours of the three, and the epic pokemon sure is epic!!

  3. I'm not sure I could fit the stitching stuff I wanted into just a suitcase and backpack, you're remarkable! I hope you get settled in quick and everything goes smoothly with the job hunting. Great to see progress pics of all your projects, keep up the awesome stitching. Best wishes.

  4. It's berry time!

    I don't know what that is, hwoever now I think about it, there's never an unappropriate time to eat berries.

  5. Thanks all for the well wishes!

    @Bekca, this definately is not all the stitching stuff I wanted to take, it was a matter of I don't take the stitching, or I don't take any clothes to wear!

    @Sega MikeyDrive, I told you about It's Berry Time, it's the pattern I am making for my mum. But on the subject of berries, I had some tasty blueberries the little brother refused to eat today.

  6. Woo Hoo! Glad to hear that you made the move safe and sound! Best of luck during your job search; it's wonderful that you've found some textile courses you're interested in. Your WIPs are looking wonderful, as always :)