19 October 2014

Colourful quilt top

You might remember that a month or two ago I went to the Festival of Quilts, and purchased a couple of layer cakes of beautiful Moda fabrics. I worked on making a quilt with them for a little while, then got scared of ruining it and put it away for a few weeks. Then I got Quilt Me! by Jane Brocket from the library and learned a few things that made me less scared (for example, you can stretch cotton a bit if your piecing isn't perfect and doesn't quite match up), and felt inspired to keep working on it.

Here is the top in all its (slighting over saturated) glory. I had a lot of help from the lovely lady in the local craft shop, Scissor Stitch, in picking out the border fabric. I chose a green because I wanted to keep it light an airy (a dark purple had been a close second choice) and because it was the least overpowering colour in the quilt, it also picks up all the other greens in the other coloured patches nicely. 

I already have some ideas for the backing and the binding, though nothing set in stone, and I am still at a loss as how to quilt it. I am really welcome to hear any thoughts you might have. 

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