11 December 2010


Well, since I'm not really doing much other than my Pokémon cross stitch at the moment, I thought I'd start showing you some of the other stuff I've done.

After finishing some cross stitching for a Christmas gift I wanted something else to do, and my boyfriend suggested I make him a bookmark. Castlevania was the subject of his choice, so I got to work making a pattern.

I'll post the pattern when I find it, but it was very easy to make really. I just took a sprite and transposed it, pixel by pixel, into KG Chart. It's only got six colours in all, three for Belmont and three for the pile of bones. I just took what colours I had from my supplies that matched the colours in the game.

Simon Belmont slays a skeleton.

It's a bit wider, and shorter than the traditional bookmark, but it works! It only took me one evening to make, maybe about three hours all in all.

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