18 May 2011

Klimt and PPG

I've been working hard on Klimt because I really enjoy doing the pattern, I don't even mind doing all the filling of the background colour!
Klimt's Tree of Life

I got a little farther than this this morning, managing to reach the left edge.

I think a few of you have heard of the Patchwork Pokémon Gym, but for those of you who don't, a brief explanation. A group of stitchers from the Sprite Stitch forum decided to do a charity quilt to benefit those affected by the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami. They decided to make it a Pokémon quilt with patches for each set of Pokémon evolutions and the gym leaders. Check out the Patchwork Gym forum for more information.

I've signed up to do Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan and Drowzee & Hypno.
This is as far as I've got on Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.
Colours are quite off, unfortunately.

I'm in Leeds at the moment, doing some resits for my university exams, and I'll be all done tomorrow, so I can do lots more stitching again soon!


  1. aw they are looking so good so far!! I've started work on Krabby & Kingler but its slow going atm!!

  2. Waw,, It works very creative and nice,,