28 June 2012

My Memories Suite giveaway and job news.

Woops, I forgot all about the My Memories giveaway. It would appear that nobody is really interested in it. If you do want it, just send me a message about it.

Now the reason I forgot about it.

My boyfriend's job hasn't been going so well, so by necessity I had to find a job as quickly as possible, so he can leave his. Last Friday he had an interview for a job, but they needed someone sooner than he could quit his current job, so he suggested me to them. So on the same day I went for an interview, and got offered the job. I started working on Monday and I'm enjoying it.

I'm working with a shipping company, processing shipments from a medical supply company to their clients.  It's really quite close to home, it only takes me about 20 minutes to cycle there and back.

This first week they've been very kind to me, and I've only been working from 10am until 3pm (today I went early, because there was nothing to do). Next week, however, work will start in earnest and I'll be working from 6am until 3pm. I expect I'll be very tired and won't have much stitching to show you for a while.

I hope this weekend I might be able to show you a little tester embroidery that I'm doing. It's a sample for a bigger piece I might do for the last of my boyfriend's brothers' birthdays.


  1. Congratulations on the new job, although it's very sad that your boyfriend lost his. I hope that he can find something soon, and I really hope that you will enjoy working at the shipping center. I know it's not something you'll want to do forever, but at least it's close to home! Those are long hours though and really I don't envy you. Hope you still get some stitching time in here and there, if only for your sanity, LOL :) Your embroidery sample sounds *very* intriguing - you know how I love a good test pattern ;)

    Sorry that you haven't had much interest in the Giveaway. Perhaps you could redraw it? I was going to enter, because my Grandpa has gotten really into family history lately, and I've been looking into finding him a program where he can make family photo pages and then print them out for an album. But then I read your excellent and very helpful review, and since I have the same problems with Quicktime and am running Vista (so I'm *way* behind on the software requirements), my computer is slow enough as it is, LOL!

    BTW, I *adore* the doilies you used in your first MM example - they are so beautiful! I've recently gotten back into crocheting myself, and am working with fine cotton for the first time. I've always been more of a big chunky scarf girl, but fine crochet is just so lovely ;)

  2. Congrats on your job Emma!!! Sorry to hear that he lost his though but it's for the better isn't it?!