12 December 2012

Kung Pow Pixel: Some New Old Games

A bit of depression has settled in, which means doing stuff like writing on this blog seem a bit too much to bear sometimes, which is why there have been less posts over the last few days and why this Kung Pow Pixel isn't very in depth.

Every day Michael and I go out for a walk after breakfast, if we didn't we'd have very little reason to leave the house! This morning we ended up going into the only game shop in town. We don't usually go in there, because it is expensive and not very inspiring - you can't even look at the box art properly,  because they don't put out the games, just boxes with photocopies of the cover inserts. Today, however, it was so cold and we weren't prepared for it, so we took shelter in the shop for a few minutes.

This was fortunate for us, but not so much for our wallets. The shop had out a basket full of Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube games for a Euro a piece. We managed to leave with only five games, though there were a few more I would have wanted, but left behind.

These are the games we ended up with. Ty The Tasmanian Tiger, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, Ratchet: Gladiator and The Mark of the Kri. We didn't know whether the Xbox games would work on the Xbox 360, but it turned out they did. If they hadn't it wouldn't have been so much trouble, but I just hate using the original Xbox controller.

Not a bad little haul for five Euros!

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  1. Hello Emma

    What great bargains!
    I hope that the games lifted your spirits a little and you enjoy playing with them
    Kung Pow Pixel is great!