19 November 2014

Sizzix Big Shot

As I mentioned in my post about my quilt I went to the NEC a week or so ago. While there I got an early Christmas present from my mum, a Sizzix Big Shot.

The Sizzix Big Shot is a die cutting machine. You can buy dies for all sorts of things, such as dies for cutting and embossing paper, dies for cutting card for folding boxes, and, my favourite, dies for cutting fabric. There's loads of different dies to choose from, but I chose two to start off with. One is a clamshell shape and the other  a 2.5" square. I've started cutting some fabric, but haven't made anything yet, but I'm excited to have a go soon!


  1. I have been interested in these! Let me know how you like it!

    1. So far I have been using it for cutting up lots of 2.5" squares and it is very nice and easy to use. You can cut up to six layers of fabric at a time and it works like a charm.