28 February 2011

I did a naughty.

I'm supposed to be saving my money for Pokémon Black (which comes out on Friday, so excited!), but one of the charity shops in town had a special craft section today (and for the next fortnight, so I'll probably be back), so I got myself some goodies.

That's two kits both with flexihoops, and two lose flexihoops (you can just about see I already put Kirby in one of the hoops), a huge bag of iron on backing (some of which I just found out is seriously smelly, so I'm going to have to wash it before I can use it), four pieces of 12x15" of 14ct aida, eight Anchor skeins and six Madeira skeins, all for just £7.

1 comment:

  1. You get Pokemon before us! No fair. I'll be picking up White on Sunday. =]