13 April 2011

First biscornu.

I've not been stitching very much lately, really, as I've been revising for two exams I have to take in May (also my boyfriend's been getting me into WWE and has recently bought GH: Metallica).

A few days ago I decided to try and make a little biscornu, as I'm nowhere near done with my baby Pokémon one.

The only cross stitching on it is the little heart.

I'm quite happy with the overall outcome, although some of the corners have gone a little funny.

Some have come out all nice and sharp, while others have gone all rounded. Any ideas why?


  1. ohh it's so cute!^_____^
    My first biscournu was with rounded and misshapen corners, I wasnt sure why, but when I tried again it turned better, lol

  2. Afraid I can't help you with the corners problem, I'm yet to attempt a biscornu! Your's is really cute though, I love the pink on black. Happy stitching to you.