10 April 2011

Boot sale and not finishing stuff.

Yes, exactly what the title says. I went to a car boot sale today, and was very lucky to find some goodies and spend only £3.

 At the first stall I went to my boyfriend spotted these Hello Kitty charms, he thought that I might be able to do something crafty with them, and I hope I will think of something!

At another stall I saw this cute little Peter Rabbit kit, someone had made a start on it, but hadn't gotten very far, and for 50p I'm not too bothered.

At the same stall I saw a frame and thought to myself that I wouldn't be able to afford it, but I asked, the guy said he didn't know how much it was worth and gave it me for £1!

Now, onto my stitching. I've been naughty and starting new things before finishing others...

This little thing is the free kit from the latest issue of World of Cross Stitching. She's nearly done, but I put her aside in favour of something else for a little while.

This is my yet unfinished Easter present for somebody (I won't say who, in case they see this blog post!). The pattern is from here. I'm stitching it on the Zweigart Cashel I received recently, and I love the look of it. I'm hoping to finish it into a little pin cushion if I can find the right material to accompany it.

Finally, by boyfriend is looking for Wii friends to exchange Metroid Prime 3 friend tokens with. So please go and check out his post! Even if you don't have Metroid Prime 3 you can still add us as friends!


  1. A frame for £1?! Brilliant bargain! Your fairy is very cute and I just love that mermaid Hello Kitty. Best wishes.

  2. I got one of those frames for free-- well I received it for free when I finished a poppy field needlepoint that was still on it for my MIL. It came from the UK too!! :) I took it apart for the dowels because I was too cheap to buy new bars for my stand!! I found it too hard to stitch on with my wrist....it gets very heavy in time!!

  3. Cute stash and lovely starts! Love the Hello Kitty charms :D