18 July 2011

Wonderful crafty presents!

Today was my last day at the craft group, and also the last day that I would see my manager at the charity shop, as I am moving to the Netherlands on Wednesday. To my surprise and delight I received some wonderful gifts!

From my manager I received this lovely quilted table piece. All the stitching is done with variegated thread and the colours are scrumptious!

Excuse the messy desk...

She also gave me a fantastic handmade button necklace.

She had a very good guess as to what my favourite colour is.

One of my fellow volunteers and craft groupers gave me a stitching themed card.

And also a poppy she had knitted herself.

 One of the ladies at the craft group whom I don't really know, upon learning that I was leaving, whipped up this cute little bunny.

She said she makes these and sends them all over the world. Now she will also have one in the Netherlands.

I'm going to miss all the ladies at the craft group, even though I did not know them particularly well, as it was such a lovely and cosy and (I'll shall have to use a Dutch word here, as there is no real English equivalent) "gezellig" couple of hours a fortnight, and it made me feel quite welcome in a town where I had felt quite isolated.


  1. They gave you some lovely things to remember them with x

  2. lovely gifts you got given :) hope the move goes well and squeak to you soon once you get organised :) love mouse xxx

  3. Great presents to remember those lovely ladies from you craft group. Love all those purple colours and the bunny is so cute - as is the idea of many bunnies around the world

  4. What lovely gifts you've received, the bunny is just the cutest. I hope you will still be blogging when you move to the Netherlands! :)

  5. Lovely gifts! That button necklace is really neat - what a wonderful idea! Perhaps you'll be able to find a new crafting group in The Netherlands? I'm with Bekca - I hope you'll keep blogging after the move too :) Best of luck!