3 August 2011

Busy, busy, busy

So, last week I had three job interviews and a talk with a job agency, this week I had one interview and another talk with a different agency. I got rejected for the job I was all excited about because I'm "not assertive enough". I was really disappointed, because the guy I talked to had basically said yes, and just needed to talk to his manager. So, that was a bummer and a bit of a blow, but I had another very good interview yesterday for another software development traineeship and the talk at the agency today was about an admin job.

Stitching-wise, I've been working on Pokémon a bit more. I think it's hard to see that I've done anything, but it's all just been filling bits in.

I bought a couple of Dutch craft magazines because they had some nice cross stitch patterns in and they came with free scrapbooking/card making cut out sheets. If any of you are interested in them, or know anybody who is, leave a comment and I'll get back to you to get an address, and I'll pop them in the post. You can see them below.


  1. hope you get a job soon :) and where do you get those pokeman charts from ... just curious as when my nephews where into them there was nothing and now they are wayyyyy to old ..lol .. those decoupage sheets look lovely if no one else wants them could I have them please :) love mouse xxx

  2. I love your Pokemon project, I might tackle this one myself one day. For now, I've just finished my first Pokemon piece, check it out on my blog. Sorry to hear about the job, but it sounds like you had a very promising interview. Best of luck with it all!

  3. Sorry to hear about the job. Wish you luck with the other interview!
    And the Pokemon Project is looking awesome :D

  4. @Mouse, this big Pokémon chart was made by Servotron on the Sprite Stitch forums. All my other Pokémon charts I have made myself.

  5. Your pokemon sampler is looking good!! I was thinking about stitching one of them but I decided against it!! :)