17 August 2011

Sonic bookmark

My boyfriend came of from England to visit me for a week while my family were away on holiday in France. We had a lovely time, and I was very sad to see him go this morning.

Friday was his birthday, and he had been asking for a new bookmark, so I stitched him another one.

It's a bit longer than a traditional bookmark, because I didn't take any measurments and didn't notice it would be until halfway through 'continue'. But it'll work for graphic novels and larger books.

I said a couple of weeks ago that I was getting some stuff from JJ's Collectables, as they were having a sale. Yesterday my parcel arrived!

I got this dragon kit from Janlynn. I started on it today. I was a bit worried about using the blending filament, as I never have used any before, and I thought it might be a lot like metallic thread, but it is ok, and doesn't really make a difference to my stitching.

This is all I did and it took me 1.5 episodes of CSI.

I also got this Lizzie Kate kit (well, it includes everything but the thread).

I also got some gold plated needles, and I'm excited to try them out on my Epic Pokémon pattern.

Speaking of which, I got a bit of that done this week while my boyfriend was playing Bomberman.

I know it's hard to see what's actually been done, which is why I upload all my Pokémon photos to a Facebook album, so I can just flick through them.


  1. The bookmarl is very cute! I don't think being a little too long would be a problem a t all. Those new kits look good too :D

  2. Great new stash, you've made brilliant progress so far. Keep up with the Pokemon design, it'll look fab when it's finished.