5 December 2012

Kung Pow Pixel: Games inspired by crafts

First of all, if you haven't seen my article over on Nintendo Life, please go and check it out!

This week I'm going to take a look at some games inspired by crafts, mainly in their design, but also in their mechanics.

Kirby's Epic Yarn

I bet you saw this one coming. Its big selling point was that it is set in a handcrafted world. On launch day Nintendo even had people yarn bombing London with fantastic Kirby themed knitting. In Kirby's Epic Yarn you play as Kirby who in this game is made of wool. He can change his shape and he can suck up enemies and turn them into little balls of wool. He can even affect the patchwork scenery around him my pulling parts of the background down or unzipping it. The feel of the game is very relaxing, sort of like crafting in that way!

Super Paper Mario

I suppose the other Paper Mario games would count too, but this is the only one I've played. In Super Paper Mario Mario is a 2d paper cut-out in a paper cut-out world. You can collect Pixls, which are little fairy-like creatures who give you extra powers, for example, as the characters are in a 2D world you can turn so that you become invisible. I think I would have loved to have a Paper Mario sticker book when I was younger, creating my own adventures for Mario.

Little Big Planet

The main character of Little Big Planet is Sackboy, he's a small knitted doll who you can dress up. There are loads of clothes and accessories you can add to him to make him look however you want. The surroundings feel almost like a toy box, as you use stickers to change the environment and parts can be pushed and pulled around as they're on wheels. Sackboy himself has inspired numerous amounts of crafts.

Dynamite Headdy

The world of Dynamite Headdy is a stage and the characters are puppets, literally  You play as Headdy, who is himself a puppet, and your main weapon is your own head, which is detachable and thrown at enemies. It's a very hectic game, which I imagine reflects a real life stage production. You can see people working in the background and sometimes the backdrops even fall down. Maybe not so crafty, but I like the idea of using puppets in a game.

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  1. Now I have a craving for playing Kirby's Epic Yarn-- I haven't played it for awhile!!