28 September 2012

A Christmas Moose

I think it's supposed to be a reindeer, but it definitely looks like a moose to me. This is a little Christmas ornament kit I bought a couple of years ago, and finally got round to stitching up. It's by Rico Design. The frame was included in the kit. Framing was quite difficult as the linen it came with felt super stretchy, and I couldn't quite get it straight, but I like my Christmas moose anyway.

This will probably be the only Christmas ornament I'll stitch up this year! I like the idea of Christmas stitching, but I never finish it in time - there's so much other stuff that needs finishing first.


  1. It looks like a Moose to me too :D But he is lovely even being a moose :D Congratulations ;)

  2. Okay, it completely looks like a moose. I love the pattern, the little stars are great! I know what you mean about Christmas stitching... I try to get one done every year and sometimes they're finished on the 24th of December. Still counts, right? :D