25 February 2013

Retrogamebeurs Deurne - The Day

Yesterday was Retrogamebeurs day. It had snowed all night and in the morning we awoke to a beautiful blanket of snow. Unfortunately for us we had to drag three heavy suitcases of crafty and gaming goodies through the snow to the station – not an easy feat, let me tell you. The snow was so fluffy that as we dragged the cases along we ended up scooping the snow up behind us. After arriving in Deurne we still had to walk a little while to the event hall, and we wouldn't have been able to make it if it weren't for the kind gentleman who gave us and our cases a lift to the location.

Despite that unfortunate start we had a good day. I sold a fair amount of my craft items, and received a lot of positive feedback. We met many interesting people who I hope to hear from again.

My Pixelhobby keyrings and Hama bead items proved to be the most popular items on the day.

The photo above shows my half of the table.

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