1 June 2013

VW Tote

The last couple of months I've been going to a patchwork group, run by the same lady that taught the patchwork class I attended. Last Tuesday we went to Felixstowe to go to The Little Fabric Shop, a very nice and decently priced fabric shop (if you hadn't guessed by the name!). 

I bought some scraps for my floral patchwork quilt:

Some really great buttons to which I just couldn't say no:

And this fantastic fat quarter pack:

Here's a better look a the design: 

This is what I made out of that fabric: 

I used the plain orange fabric as the lining, as I liked how well the blue and orange contrasted. It's quite small, but I think a great little bag for children to put toys in, or to use as their own mini beach bag. I'm going to make the same again with the orange VWs and plain blue fabric. 


  1. Cute bag! I really like these bright linings you're doing, super cool :) I've always wanted to learn how to sew tote bags, they're so useful and can be such a nice accessory. Your floral fabrics are so very pretty, as are your buttons - great finds! ;)

    1. Thanks! It was really simple to make. I got the basic pattern here. Once you know how to make a mini tote, it doesn't take too much to scale it up.

  2. Such a cute bag! I love the bright lining too, the colour combination is fab :)
    Best wishes.