12 March 2011

Crochet flowers

I somehow managed to hurt the joints in my thumb quite badly while stitching Hulk so I've been off the stitching for a few days as it hurts to grip the needle. I tried some crochet yesterday, as this does not put so much pressure on my thumb, and I've been learning to make some flowers.

The black wool was the only decent one I had for this, the red was just too thick. I like how they came out though, and I think if I can get some different wools I'll have a lot of fun making loads of these.

I also got a book on amigurumi out from the library, I've been looking through it and it doesn't look too hard, so as soon as I can get some wool and stuffing I'll try my hand at some little animals too.


  1. The flowers are lovely. I've always wanted to try crocheting, but I just can't get it right :/ And I hope your hand will heal soon!