21 June 2011

Pokémon update 6

I haven't worked on the Epic Pokémon project for a while, but I started up on it again today and got quite a bit done. Zapdos and Flareon are pretty much done now, for Zapdos I'm just missing one colour that I'm sure I had not long ago... it's probably in my stitching basket somewhere. It's nice to see a couple of Pokémon done, rather than having loads of empty areas.

Photo quality's a bit crap because it was too dark in our room, so I had to brighten it a bit. 


  1. I want to start this. I have the pattern. I'm just a lil afraid of it.
    It looks great so far!

  2. I'm the same, I have the pattern, not sure I have the bravery! I am starting my own Pokemon project soon though; a Charizard for my boyfriend - he's just a big kid.
    Your piece is looking great, keep up the awesome stitching.