18 June 2011

Updates and new patterns

Update of Klimt:

I got all the confetti done on the middle left, and it looks really nice. I'm very happy with it so far.

Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan:

I keep forgetting to write down the number of the missing colour whenever I go to town, so I still haven't finished Hitmonchan's gloves.

I splashed out a bit on some patterns after seeing so many more "classic" cross stitch designs worked by several people I follow. I still have all the lovely Zweigart fabrics I won from a crossword competition and I think some of them would be perfect for these designs.

Little House Needleworks: "Snowflakes"

Blackbird Designs: "The Simple Things"
Blackbird Designs: "It's Berry Time"

I think that I'm going to do It's Berry Time in one of the reds by Nina. I haven't decided which one yet (any opinions?), they're all so lovely, besides I'm going to have to wait a while until I can afford to splash out on such lovely things after buying these patterns.


  1. Really like the Berry Time x

  2. oooo love your choice of patterns and you will get there with your stash pile :) nice to have found you :) love mouse xxxx

  3. I really like the 'Little House Needleworks' one.