8 June 2011

A quick update.

Klimt is going well, although I had to unpick quite a large section the other day, because I'd skipped a row. >_<

Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan are not going quite so well, the stitching itself is going ok, but I really have to force myself to work on it, unfortunately. This means I am going to give up my Drowzee & Hypno patch, because I don't want to be the one who doesn't pull through.


  1. Hitmonchan looks great! Love the orange in Klimt.

  2. Hello,

    about the Joan Elliot booklet, here in Belgium where I went there are still quite a few left. If needed I can buy one and send it to you if repay the costs.

    Love, Babs

  3. Tree of Life is looking great. I love this new Pokemon project you've started, and it's for such a good cause too. Keep going on it, you know it'll be worth it in the end :)

  4. Babs, that is very kind of you to offer! It's ok, I'll find it in time. To be honest, I just spent too much on patterns, so I shouldn't spend any more until at least the end of the month.