14 April 2012

Wipocalypse 4 & first tapestry piece

I'm a bit late on my Wipocalypse post, and I don't have much to show, again. Just a little more work on one of the Japanese dolls.

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to a fleamarket in the net village down from us. I snagged a large box of tapestry bits and bobs (including some kits and lots of wool) for 7.50 euros. I was really excited about this, as I've been wanting to try my hands at some tapestry, but have been a bit apprehensive about the cost.

First thing I've tried is a small kit from Pako.

I'm quite happy with the results, though soon after I took this photo the thing fell off the wall as the doublesided tape I'd used wasn't strong enough to hold the wooden ring up.


  1. Hi Emma

    Love your Japanese doll WIP.

    You got a great bargain at the flea-market and I love the project you made!

  2. I love flea markets for picking up charts and buttons and other crafty pieces. Congrats for your first tapestry finish!
    Best wishes.