6 July 2014

High Score Tetris champion

I've been having some fun playing Tetris recently. After watching Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters a few weeks ago I was inspired to play Tetris again. Around the same time Michael found HighScore.com, this of course led me to want to break as many Tetris high scores as possible. So far I have broken two for Tetris DX on the Game Boy Color, scoring the most points in Marathon mode and the most the most points in Ultra mode (level 0).

I have a lot of fun playing Tetris when I have a challenge, so I'll be doing a lot more. Twin Galaxies is also back up on line and should start taking submissions again soon, so I may be aiming for high scores on there as well. My highest score on Tetris DX would have put me third on Twin Galaxies.

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